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The Miracle of "Nine-Eleven" - Part I

The week after the WTC (World Trade Center) Twin Towers crashed into dust, I went along with my brothers to Downtown NYC (New York City). We tried to approach the area to be as close as possible and take a moment of prayer to reconnect with the truth of what happened on Sept. 11, 2001. Police officers were posted all around and were in charge of allowing entrance to ‘Ground Zero’ only to those with special permits. They were helpful and gentle minded, yet determined in their purpose. We tried to get to a church within the disaster area, but somehow we ended up standing beside the street-barriers in a circle on the sidewalk, praying just where we were.
While being still for an instant and willing to receive God’s grace I had the most incredible experience. I felt, for a moment, all the spirits of those ‘missing’ – who were in the building when it crashed and were then literally hanging around – coming into me, joining with me as one Soul. I could feel the fear, despair and vulnerability that was all around and willed nothing but to bring it all back home in me. It took me just a moment to recognize that it all happened and is happening only in my own mind, and that I am the cause of it all. No other cause there is.
First it seemed to be a huge cloud of energy that was associated in my mind with the idea of death. The media had reported of death and destruction and those who were shattered by that nightmare believed that they had lost beloved ones and so witnessed to it. The world was pronouncing this event as the ‘attack on America’, and it seemed as if those that had ‘passed’ left this place of competition, constant attack, defense, suffering and death through death like heroes in a war. This never made sense to me.
I just had to be willing to disappear into this energy that is all around ‘Ground Zero’, and penetrates and vibrates in every single cell of the body. I remembered that none of these reports were ultimately true. In fact I remembered that my own experience of God was and is one of life, life without opposite. It was and is a great moment to know that there is no death, and that I am free, and everyone along with me.
It was a miracle that re-arranged in me the order of perception and placed all levels of perception in a true perspective. My false perception that somebody could have died was corrected, and simultaneously offered me life, eternal Life.
My heart was filled with love and gratitude and all I could express in this moment to my brothers were the words, “Father God, thank YOU! I love You so much!” I raised my arms towards heaven and received HIS Light, shining in His beloved Son, in each of my brothers and so in me. All we can share is This Light. I just knew that in truth no-one has ever really died and can ever die because I experienced myself as ‘dead’ and recognized therein my being wholly alive and awake.
All I want to do since this experience is to give what has been given me, to be in service to those who still think they are in need, always remembering that there is only one singular purpose and that is to share God’s Love, and nothing else. I am so immensely grateful to share this discovery with you. Your receiving is the same as my giving. God has created His Son – who is me and you – in His ‘image’, His likeness. He grants us eternal Life because HE is eternal truth, eternal Life.

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